Liberty Karp, LCSW

Welcome! Rooted PDX LLC is a counseling practice located in SE Portland. I specialize in mindfulness-based approaches to the challenges of being human.


As you have no doubt discovered, the human experience is full of all sorts of elements: happiness, joy, and excitement…but also things like fear, despair, and sadness. While there is no way to get rid of the hard stuff altogether, when we feel grounded we can navigate the ups and downs with much more ease and grace. From that rooted place we are more able to be truly present and alive for the things we enjoy, while at the same time feeling less distressed by the challenges. We may still find ourselves bending and swaying when the strong winds come, but we come to trust that we’ll get through it, and we’re a lot less likely to be blown all over the place.


Connection to ourselves, to others, to the world around us, and to the natural world is a major source of strength and resilience. By discovering and listening to what’s important to us, by connecting with other beings who help us feel loved and valued, and by feeling like a part of our communities and our world, we can find our way to a life that feels meaningful and fulfilling.


Life often has a way of making us feel trapped—whether by current or past experience, pressures and expectations we face, or our own insecurities, worries, and doubts. When we start to take a look at these forces and connect with our own deep values, hopes, and dreams, we can start to find some space—to breathe, to maneuver around obstacles, and to create the life we want for ourselves.


Hello! I’m Liberty, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in Portland, Oregon. I received my M.S.W. from York University in Toronto, Canada. I also hold an M.S. in sociology from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and a B.A. in political science from the University of California – Berkeley.

Before starting my private practice, I provided counseling/therapy in a wide range of settings, including:

  • adult- and youth-focused community counseling agencies
  • doctors’ offices
  • LGBTQ2S programs
  • 24/7 support and crisis line for youth

Outside of work you can find me studying martial arts, learning a musical instrument, spending time with my people, practicing vipassana meditation, or going for walks with my retired racing greyhound.