My interest in social work came about through my practice of vipassana meditation, and this continues to form a major foundation of my social work practice. From this perspective, the struggles and challenges we face are less about what is wrong with us and more about the fact that suffering is a universal human experience.

Whatever particular challenges are causing you to suffer, there are tools, practices, and approaches that can help change how you relate to these experiences and decrease the amount of distress you feel. Some of the practices we may work on together include learning how to turn toward what is difficult, validate and make space for your experience, recognize and honor your needs, connect with your deep wisdom, discover a greater sense of ease, and create a life that is more in line with your needs and values.

Having graduated from a social work program that is highly focused on social justice, my philosophy is also strongly shaped by a perspective known as anti-oppressive practice. This approach brings to light the power imbalances within and among our communities, cultures, and world that affect our well-being. This could be in direct ways (like experiencing racism or homophobia) or indirect ways (like being raised to put other people’s needs above your own, or feeling like you are a lesser person). By coming to see yourself in relation to these social dynamics and the messages they send, you can start to create some distance between yourself and some of these patterns and ways of being that cause harm to you and others.

My hope is that through our work together you will find yourself feeling increasingly grounded, connected, and free from the pressures, beliefs, and expectations that have been keeping you from the life you want.