Depending on what you feel drawn toward, some of the avenues we might explore include: 


a mind-body approach focused on developing awareness and self-compassion

What if you started to slow down? What if it felt possible to turn toward challenging experiences and emotions instead of running away? What if mind/body felt like a comforting place to come home to? What if you felt connected with your deepest wisdom? What if you greeted yourself with love and compassion, rather than judgement? What if you felt a deep trust and sense of ease with yourself and the world around you? What if you felt at peace with your past and present?


an approach centered around creating new stories about ourselves based on what is important to us

What if the story you’re used to telling about yourself is not The Truth, but just one possibility, just one way of connecting the dots, like a constellation in the night sky? What if your story is much more rich than that? What if you could connect the dots in different ways, and draw a new constellation that puts importance on your values and strengths?


an approach based on the idea that changing our thoughts and behaviors can change how we feel

What if the worries, concerns, and negative messages that come to mind are just ideas, and not truths? What if these ideas didn’t have such a hold over you? What might you do differently? How would things feel different in your life?


an approach focused on using our strengths to overcome obstacles and live the life we want

What are your skills? What are your talents? How can you put these to work to help resolve or get through challenges?

Medicine wheel

an approach based on Anishinaabe teachings that highlights the importance of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance to achieve well-being

What is needed for you to feel physically healthy and safe? Do you feel emotionally healthy, or is there something missing or in need of healing? What kinds of activities help your mind feel active, engaged, and creative? What types of connections and spiritual practices (broadly speaking!) give meaning and vision to your life? Finally, what is needed to bring body, heart, mind, and spirit into balance?